The Girling Jones Players Club welcomes a new member

The first of the boys to enter the coveted “Players Club” this year is Mr Ryan Bund. Combining sartorial style with a drunk child’s laugh, what a month and what a first year in the business he is having. He was welcomed in by Journeyman…

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The Girling Jones Summer Bash goes full “Apocolash”

The Beerbarians and Swilderbeasts were out in force at this years Girling Jones summer bash. Special thanks to “Lesley Presley” for bringing the magic of Graceland to Shaldon and to Brendon at the Shipwright Arms for “extending” the hours a touch. Resolve………..  

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Team Construction hanging around Go Ape.

Team Construction enjoyed a cheeky afternoon off following victory from the Q1 incentive. Fi, Dan, Joe, Josh, Naomi and Francesca hit the high ropes of Go ape followed by Mini Kievs and Prawn Cocktails at the local pub. That’s how you incentivise!!

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