Girling Jones Privacy Policy

A. General

Girling Jones Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 07492806. Its registered office is Leeward House, Fitzroy Road, Exeter Business Park, Exeter, EX1 3LZ.

B. Disclaimer

The information, materials and opinions contained on this website are for general information purposes only and are not intended to constitute legal or other professional advice. As such the information and materials should not be relied upon, other than for general information. Girling Jones Limited does not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance upon the information or materials published on this website. Girling Jones is not responsible for the content of any external sites linked to this website.

Girling Jones does not guarantee that the website will be error free or operate in accordance with your expectations. Whilst we are not obliged to update this website, we may do so from time to time. We reserve our rights to close, modify or restrict access to the website at any time.

C. Privacy Statement

Confidentiality and Sensitive Material

Any electronic communications sent through the website (or any of our employees or agents) may not be secure. It should be noted that any information sent will not be treated as privileged or confidential. In light of this please do not send us any confidential or sensitive material.

Use of collected data

  • The provision and improvement of the website
  • To collate anonymous statistics
  • Marketing activities if you have registered to receive them. Consent may be withdrawn for registration at any time by emailing us
  • In the event of re-organisation or transfer of all or part of Girling Jones’ business, a transfer of the data detailed above may occur to the new entities or third parties through which the whole or part of Girling Jones’ business will be carried out
  • If Girling Jones ceases to trade, or becomes insolvent, enters into receivership or any similar event occurs, then Girling Jones may sell the business or parts of it to a third party in order to fulfil legal or business requirements


You are consenting to us using your personal data as set out in the Privacy statement by continuing to use the website and supplying personal data to us via the website or e-mail addresses shown.

Other Requirements

We will not sell, distribute or otherwise make available the data to any third party, except as described above or with your prior permission.

Girling Jones may be required to disclose user data in light of a court order or other legal or regulatory requirement. In the event of this we will reasonably endeavour to notify you before we do so, unless we are legally restricted.

D. Copyright

The materials published on this website, unless otherwise stated, are the copyright of Girling Jones Limited. Copies may be made of the published materials that are of interest to you. You may also make occasional copies for information purposes to others, provided that it is free of charge and that you do not compromise the website. Any copies made must remain intact, and communication of the content must not be misleading or inaccurate. A copy of this notice must accompany any copies of the materials provided to others.

Any other uses of the materials published on this website must have express prior written consent from Girling Jones Limited.

E. Governing Law

The Legal Notices shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law, and both parties submit irrevocably to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the English Courts.

F. Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Business for the Introduction of Permanent Staff can be downloaded by clicking here.

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