The benefits of exclusivity
Its Saturday night and you’re heading out for a night on the tiles. Time to pop on that new hat you’ve bought especially for an occasion like this. It’s a lovely hat. Tall, broad rimmed, orange felt with Peacock feathers. You look mustard. You rock up Spoons for a few early scoops and everyone in your group is wearing the same hat with the same peacock feathers. How do you feel? Pretty average I imagine. You’ve lost your edge, you’re identity, your exclusivity.
It’s a bit like this when you sign up with multiple agencies. Clients get the same CV 4, 5, 6 times, often looking very different. That shiny CV is now losing its shine and clients may feel a desperation to your approach.
At Girling Jones we’d recommend working with one maybe two agencies and sticking with them. You’ll keep control of your CV, the process and maybe most importantly have a more motivated consultant working much harder for you.
Oi Dan! How do I choose the right agency?
1) Look in to the agency’s industry reputation and specialism – how much of your specific job market does the agency have access to? Are they successful at placing candidates like you? Do they have a great relationship with the person who’s recruiting for your dream job? Incidentally Girling Jones are the market leader in the South-West, working with many of the region’s contractors exclusively. We only work within construction and property meaning that we know our industry inside out. In terms of our reputation, take a look at our Google reviews
2) Does the agency follow the rules? Do they put your CV out to the market without your permission or knowledge? They shouldn’t. Your CV should only be sent out after a formal registration, to specific clients with your specific, written permission. Your “Right to Represent”. At Girling Jones we’ve always worked in the way and with the new GDPR changes you should expect, nay demand agencies to work in this way.
3) Trust. If you’re up front with your consultant about your aspiration, where your CV has been sent, whether you’d be tempted by a counter-offer then you can expect the same level of honesty in return. Your consultant at Girling Jones will be honesty with you about the market place in which you work, they’ll be honest with you about your expectations, they’ll be honest with you with feedback on your CV and with interview feedback. It’s the least you deserve. Honesty and trust are in both party’s best interest.
Moving jobs is often time-consuming and stressful. Using a recruiter should take away some of that time and a lot of that stress. Arranging interviews, chasing feedback, negotiating your salary, start date etc etc. Spreading yourself across multiple agencies who all work in the same industry just adds more stress and doesn’t benefit you. Why not put this to the test and let Girling Jones take control of your next move…
Take care and let’s keep it exclusive……