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The process of writing a CV can be confusing. For instance, is there an agreed format that everyone uses? Or should you just list random attributes and hope for the best?

There is an unspoken format for your CV, which can be recreated in many different ways but should still incorporate the same information. For instance, it is common sense that you have to list your previous employment history, but people have been known to do this in various different ways: chronologically, in order of relevance, or in order of your strengths.

However, knowing exactly how to structure information such as education, employment and interests can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we have provided a CV skeleton which can be used for applying to jobs in the construction and building sectors. As recruitment specialists, we know exactly what employers are looking for from candidates.

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Please feel free to model your own CV after this skeleton template, which should alleviate your confusion and put a smile on the face of your potential employer.


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