I joined Girling Jones from a large national competitor almost two years ago. I was established and achieving very good things in my previous role having been there for over seven years but I was looking for a fresh challenge. When I first walked in to the offices at Girling Jones on the beautiful Quayside in Exeter, I was immediately struck by how different it felt to any office I’d ever worked in or visited before. It felt truly vibrant, competitive, people were having fun and celebrating their own and each other’s successes. It also looked fantastic, if you’ve ever been here or get the chance to then you’ll see what I mean. If not, take the virtual tour on our website!
So, two years down the line I have absolutely no regrets. Recruitment of any kind is always challenging and has it’s ups and downs, they are unavoidable. I can honestly say that here there are far more ups than downs! Girling Jones promotes positivity, hard work and being rewarded for that positivity and hard work. Our internal recruitment process means that we have acquired some fantastic consultants but just as importantly, some fantastic people. The social element of working here is second to none, we have a five-a-side football team, regular awards events, nights out, charity events, bake off and four or five dogs who make frequent appearances in the office! That’s without even mentioning the annual summer and Christmas bashes!
The single most impressive thing about Girling Jones for me is our absolute refusal to stand still and be content with where we are. We work in a tough market, it’s extremely competitive, and we never stop looking for ways in which we can improve. That goes for our client’s experience, our candidate’s experience, our consultant’s work/life balance, our processes, our systems, our branding, and our marketing and on and on.

There has never been a more exciting time to work with this business and I can’t wait to be a part of it.