Have you ever wondered how much water do you use when you flush the loo? Probably not but its more than you think.

The average toilet uses between 3 and 10 litres of water each time you pull the chain. That’s the equivalent of 4 – 14 bottles of wine!

By adding a Water Hippo to your cistern you can save up to 3 litres per flush. Each day the average person flushes the toilet around 5 times so that’s 15 litres a day saved, all down to your friendly neighbourhood hippo.

At Girling Jones we worked out using Water Hippos will result in an 11.27% reduction in total water usage each year.

That’s saving a massive 19.72 m3 per annum, the equivalent of 256 baths or 26293 bottles of Blue Nun. Nearly enough for our summer bash!

What could be better!!!