This week saw the clash of culinary titans and the long-awaited conclusion of the Girling Jones 2017 Bake-off. The three finalists, Dan “The Slugger” Throne, Vic “Oh God Yea” Bekker” and the Head Honcho himself Mr Simon Girling went head to head, apron to apron and oven to oven showcasing their skill and artistic flair providing their take on a humble baking classic, the flapjack. Who won? Would it be the semi-professional pastry chef Vic Bekker or the 2016 reigning champion Daniel Thorne. Nope. It was the boss man himself, Simon Girling, who wowed the office with his Apple and raspberry crumble flapjacks with homemade custard. And that’s it for another year and already the hype is building for the next, will Simon retain his crown? will Vic ever win? will a savoury entry be next years winner, you will have to wait.