We’ve been speaking about this for a long time and in January 2022 we take the plunge………

All the team at Girling Jones are getting 20% of their work life back for free (salaries will remain the same in case you were worried!)

Since returning from the 2020 lockdown we’ve all enjoyed a more fluid, flexible work pattern which has resulted in improved productivity and staff wellbeing.

So why not go the extra mile and move to a 4 day week.

By doing this we hope to achieve the following:

A happier team with even greater job satisfaction and work/life balance.

Increased productivity and even better candidate and client satisfaction

An equal workplace where employees can better juggle childcare and work commitments.

A smaller carbon footprint as staff will commute less

Its a slightly scary move but we’re all excited about the opportunity.

The Girling Jones 4 day week – how will you spend your day off?