Girling Jones are a smallish office of 20 staff based down on Exeter Quay. All we really need to do our jobs is a phone, a laptop and an endless supply of sugary liquids.
So when it came to measuring how much paper we used in a year I was quietly confident we’d be close to “paperless”
I nearly soiled my pants when I found out in 2018 Girling Jones used £ of paper in 2018
What the……?????
That’s too much isn’t it? And worse still if you consider the C02 costs of production, delivery and waste removal
So what can we all do to reduce this? Here are some tips and tricks from our own SuperGreen team:

  • Print double sided and half your usage overnight!! Boom
  • Invest in A4 white boards for your day to day notes, to do lists and scribbling
  • Take laptops or tablets into meetings and invest in a stylus for speedy note taking
  • Remove all your office bins and make everyone walk to the paper shredder / recycling point. You’d be surprised how quickly people cut down!
  • Become a green snob and question everyone you work with – did you need to print this out?

For lots of great ideas on turning your office “SuperGreen” have a look at our SuperGreen policy here:
Girling Jones Super-Green Statement
Or why not give me a call on 01392 493347 and I’d be glad to share everything we’ve learned