Fantastic effort this week as our resident golf pro, Josh Cockerill, picked up his sticks and took down 72 holes in 13 hours.

22 miles of grueling, perfectly manicured terrain, scaling mild climbs and gentle descents.

Unfortunately the rain came down in sheets, making Josh’s choice of denim pants and immediate error.

Experiencing chaffing normally reserved for cattle ranchers and the people who operate the waltzers, Josh knew his only hope of success was to keep his spirits high!

Fortunately Josh is a huge Barbara Streisand fan and so was able to sing her entire back catalogue at the top of his voice throughout the day. All 117 singles, 36 studio albums, 11 live albums and of course, his favourite 15 movie soundtracks.

Josh raised £450 in aid of his best pal who recently beat testicular cancer and will be donating this to a fantastic charity which promotes and protects the physical and mental health of sufferers of testicular cancer.

Well done buddy!!!