I’d been made aware of Girling Jones in 2012 by a mutual friend who worked with Simon at the time to secure a new position. My wife and I had been speaking about relocating to the South West and when this life changing decision came about, the first point of call was to arrange a meeting with Simon to discuss the possibilities of working together. After relocating and joining another business in the region for a short time it was clear how well regarded Girling Jones was throughout the region.
The time came to meet the rest of the team and go through a formal interview process. This itself was very thorough but gave us all the opportunity to collectively decide that joining the business was the right thing to do. Since joining it’s been clear to see why the business is successful, thorough vetting, strong client relationships, professionalism and above all else a great environment to work in. It’s a pleasure to be part of the Girling Jones team.