4 weeks and 18 dishes later, the GJ 2022 Bake off ended with a party in our mouths!

We’ve had some incredible meals along the way and as always we’ve grown in culinary confidence and ability

Michelle now knows the difference between sage and basil

Matt Moore understands the true meaning of dryness

Vic dined out on a giant sausage roll, 4 years in a row

Dan and Simon have come to terms with the fact the rest of the office aren’t ready for their ‘haute cuisine’ (philistines!)

In the end to came down one final bake

The finalists – Michelle Mackie, Lucy Hastings and Joe Knowles

The theme – Hot Italian Nights

The dishes – Shells Bruschetta selection, Lucy’s Lasagne ‘just like Nonna’ makes and of course Big Joe’s Canolli

In the end there was half a point in it. Half a point between the ecstasy of winning and the wretched gloom of being a massive loser

Winning for a third time in their illustrious GJ career

The one, the only Michelle Mackie!!!!!