Incredible scenes this week as the 2022 Girling Jones bake-off started hotter than it’s ever started before.

Out the blocks with a bang were team Construction, a swarthy bunch of likely lads with a spring in their step and a jut in their jaws.

Missing the delicate touch and warm hands of Fiona (lording up it on Maternity), the boys had a point to prove.

And what a point they made.

Joe Knowles, last years winner, dropped in a classic chocolate cake. Intense chocolatiness with all the flamboyance and razzmatazz we’ve come to expect from Mr Knowles. Think Heston meets Winton

Adam slid in with some chocolate orange brownies. Moist to the touch and intense on the palate. The brownies were also very nice

Martin, the new kid on the block, launched a heavy counter offensive, with a playful take on the French classic “Tarte Tatin” (A Girling favourite).

In the end, experience prevailed and Big Joe went through to the finals, showing how a few chocolate shards and lashings of filling can swing the room.

Well done Joe! Next stop. Team Maintenance