Having moved to a four day week model in January of 2022 we looked back this week on how things have changed for our team and the impact it’s had to business in general.

Most importantly it’s been a resounding “double thumbs up” from all the team and we’ve had some cracking feedback from our review sessions and questionnaire. 100% of our staff have detailed positive effects on their wellbeing and work-life balance. They’ve reported having more energy, sleeping better and waking up naturally. Everyone is enjoying the change in pace and slowing down of their lives.

From a business perspective our first six months of data show a surprising increase across all inputs with call times and interviews up 21% YOY. Client and Candidate service levels have remained high and we’ve have also seen a 17% increase in sales compared with the first 6 months of 2021. It’s been our most productive six months, per head, since our launch in 2011.

The GJ four day week is now permanently locked down!!

On a final note we’ve also had some brilliant coverage both in the local and national press, hitting the giddy heights of the Beeb……and of course Jeremy Vine!