Girling Jones turned down the road to “Supergreen” this year with the launch of our new Green Initiative. To do this we needed help to come up with a range of ideas and solutions to change what we consume and how we consume it. A great start but this left us with more questions that we started with.

  • What do we actually consume?
  • What is the environmental impact if this?
  • What impact would our changes make?
  • What should we be focusing on?

If you have a green problem like we did. If no one else can help. And if you can find him. Maybe you can hire……
Zac Goodall
Zac is an Exeter based freelance sustainability consultant with a broad knowledge of environmental sciences, the relationship between businesses and the environment, and sustainability theory, gained from:

  • Training as an agricultural land classification surveyor and work at a land and soils use consultancy
  • Developing sustainability and technical strategy in an organic food and farming business
  • Corporate sustainability reporting, including carbon foot printing and reduction measures
  • Masters Degree from Exeter (MSc Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture) and Bachelors Degree from Southampton (BSc Environmental Sciences)

Zac has a strong focus on corporate sustainability, with expertise in honing the ethics and environmental values a business wants to improve or maintain.
His aim is to make sustainability accessible to business, regardless of size. Whether you’re a larger company wanting a sustainability health check, or an SME starting their journey, he can help you project and strengthen your ethical and environmental credentials
He can help you understand:

  • how a company can injects it’s values into its sustainability strategy
  • reducing carbon emissions
  • reducing business waste or making use of it where possible as part of the circular economy
  • improving a businesses beneficial social impacts
  • Sustainability strategy and advice, including carbon foot printing, sustainability reporting and goal setting, environmental policy writing, and modern slavery statement writing and advice.

His talents are seemingly endless and on top of all this he’s a keen surfer and keen wild-camper
If you’re looking at starting your green journey or want to stress test your current policies and process then Zac’s your man.
Why not check him out here: / [email protected]