Have you ever thought about moving to Exeter or the surrounding areas??
My story
4 years ago (this month) I made the big decision to leave the busy streets of Bristol, and head down to (sunny) Devon, and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Yes, I have to drive a bit further to get in to work as I live in East Devon, but the commute time has gone down by half.
So what’s business like in the area?
“With Exeter forecast to grow by 2.3% a year until 2020, the city is finally punching above its weight and is expected to be one of the fastest growing UK cities over the next three years, behind Reading and Manchester both growing at 2.4% GVA. This is underpinned by professional and back office services and real estate driving growth across the South West”.
And the fluffy stuff
We are surrounded by beaches, hills and wilderness plus we’ve got 2 great sporting teams in the city. We even have an Ikea if you fancy eating Meatballs on a Sunday morning or love putting together furniture with an Allen key!
Well connected?
Trains: to Taunton (28 minutes), Exmouth (30 minutes), Bristol, Plymouth and Yeovil (all one hour). Driving: half an hour to the sea at Exmouth or to the wilds of Dartmoor, 45 minutes to Taunton and 90 minutes to Bristol. You can fly from the local airport to London, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh Glasgow or abroad.
Among many “good” primaries, Ofsted says, there are some “outstanding” schools: Shaldon Primary, Exwick Heights, Ide, St Leonard’s CofE, St Sidwell’s CofE, St Michael’s CofE and Wynstream. Secondaries: St James, St Luke’s, St Peter’s CofE , Isca and West Exe are all “good”.
I’d love to hear from other people who have relocated to the area – Or those who may be considering it
Matt Moore – Sector Manager – Girling Jones