Picture this……Packing up your car for the biggest adventure of your life, how exciting! However it needs to work and be right!
Living arrangements
Are you selling your house? What is the time scale and when can you move? Do you have a contingency plan if the house sale falls through or if you are buying an older house, is there a chain? If buying a new build, when is the plot going to be ready? Have you a mortgage in place, will bad weather or seasonal change impact the move date?
Could you be moving in with the lovely in-laws? Are they actually happy with this and what term would this be over, also would there be a small cash denomination involved? No one likes a family member to outstay there welcome! Think how awkward Christmas 2018 dinner could be.
Renting is a great short term option, but check the local market and prices. Moving from London to Devon is a completely different ball game as is moving from Carlisle to London.
The job search
Firstly you need to make contact with the local area, this could be by researching what businesses are in your chosen area or speaking with local Recruitment Consultancies.
Top five points to consider when choosing your recruiter;
• Do they specialise in your chosen field? For example, do not go and see an Education specialist if you are a plumber!
• Are they good? Use tools such as Google reviews, LinkedIn recommendations together with checking out to see what type of jobs they have going on. If they look good, expect a service…if they don’t want to get to know you, understand your salary expectations, go through career history, personal aspirations, check ID and comply to GDPR….. MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ONE!
• Will they take you to the market, actually work on you and make it their mission to get you a new job? Ask them! You are their product and you deserve the best.
• Geographical patch! If they are in Manchester, will they know and have relationships with clients in Exeter? Market knowledge is crucial.
• Offer a personal touch, expect them to keep in contact, keep you in the loop with opportunities, take an interest and actually care about you.
Job offer
Once you have a job offer, consider;
• Salary, is this the best you can get? Also consider the full package. It is great having a nice wad of cash each month, but if your new employer are only offering 20 days holiday and 5 days need to be kept back for Christmas…. is this ok for you, your lifestyle and work/life balance? Also, pension, healthcare, life cover, parking and taxable benefits are also things to consider.
• Are you taking this job because it is the only thing going, or do you really want this? If you have other interviews on the bubble still go! Do not be afraid to make people wait ( just not too long ), you want to make the right decision.
• When at the interview, did you meet the rest of the team and did you look around the office to get a feel for the environment and culture. As much as it is great you got on with the MD, he is not the person you are likely to be working with every day.
• If you are still not happy and wheels are in motion for the big move, temp or contract! This is a good short term option to keep the pennies coming in until you get “the job”.
So the living situation is sorted, Mr Clarke at Girling Jones got you your dream job and you are all ready for the big upheaval…..What else? Now this is when it gets very real, it’s time to let the friends and family know you are off. This I found to be hardest thing I had to do, people you grew up with and loved ones that have seen you grow up are about to wish you bon voyage. However, leaving do’s are great and it gives you the chance for the send-off you deserve, celebrate what you are about to achieve and celebrate all the adventures you are about to have!
Early preparation
Remember to give sufficient notice to ensure that the greatest number of those you care about will be able to attend. Early preparation will also keep you from feeling rushed in the midst of other last minute moving stresses. Whether you’ll have the party at a house, a bar or restaurant, plan how you would like the event to unfold and set your guests expectations accordingly.
You’re going away party won’t be complete without opportunities to say goodbye or to send love and encouragement and to take plenty of pictures. You can write a leaving speech, arrange a slideshow, or set out a guest book for guests to write in. Let your friends know your new address as well as any other contact information that may be changing. Tell everyone how much you will miss them and ensure they know you really appreciate them coming to say goodbye. If you are someone who hates goodbyes, then consider messages that focus on appreciating who they are and making plans for when you’ll return to see them again (or have them visit you!).
What next?
You have done the easy bits, now time to lay the foundations of your future. This where the fun really starts

  • Make friends
  • Join clubs
  • Extend your work circle to your social circle
  • Get involved in the community
  • Use Social media such as Facebook to join local groups

Four years later I have done and been through all the above. The best thing about this is that the adventure is still going on and there is so much more to look forward too. Don’t look back, look forward and loads of luck.
Steve Clarke, Senior Recruitment Consultant and former relocater.