Girling Jones Bake Off – 2015
The scene. An office, dimly lit, the aromas of a dozen baked wonders wafting across the white stone walls and green pillars of the Girling Jones Exeter Office.
Chocolate, almonds, brownies, cake of all varieties, and baked goods to make Gordon Ramsay blush. All of them are here today, and there is also an over-powering sensation of fierce competition, squinting eyes peering over the top of LCD monitors analyzing and breaking down the competition.
Over a 6 week period the brave combatants battled it out, and there was some amazing produce created!
However, as with all competitions there can only be one winner. The 2 finalists, Matt and Fiona tensed as the announcement was read.
But the winner was… FIONA BLACKWELL!
You can see from below she was rather pleased with the result!