If you worked for Amazon at their Seattle Seattle HQ, you and around 6,000 other employees dogs can come to work, eat biscuits stocked at reception, drink from doggy water fountains and go wild in their own “off leash” park. To be fair that sounds like absolute carnage but the world’s second most valuable company is onto something.
Animal charity the Blue Cross say “89 per cent of healthcare professionals agree that stroking a pet can lower blood pressure and reduce stress”. On top of this they state:
One in two businesses noticed a decrease in absenteeism, 56 per cent said their dog had improved work relations, and 67 per cent said it improved staff morale”.
And it’s not just dogs. Bringing pets to the workplace is on the increase and popular alternatives include fish, cats, rabbits and snakes. Many firms also train wild tortoises to deliver refreshments, using tiny leather “tray harnesses”, direct to people’s desks.
But back to dogs. We like dogs at Girling Jones. Peanut, Jelly, Rocco, Micky and Sacha are all regular visitors to fortress GJ we love having them around. Nice for some and a reason to join, stay with, or return to a business for a significant number of others.